The Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry requires a most critical application of welding technology with full attention to detail. SPS has long prided itself on our employees’ ability to conform to the variety of safety and cGMP requirements of our clients. From research & development laboratories to fast-paced pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, SPS employees have time and again complied with the necessary protocols and completed projects on time with high quality results.


  • ASME Section IX Certified Welders
  • Computer Orbital Tube Welding
  • ASNT-Certified Weld Inspectors
  • Video Borescope Inspection
  • Weld Sampling and Inspection
  • Use of High Purity Liquid Argon Purge Gas
  • Purge Outlet Gas Analysis to 0.1% Oxygen or 10 PPM
  • Profilometer Documentation of Surface Finish
  • Full Documentation Packages, Including:
    Material Control / Receiving Inspection
    Weld Data Sheets with Inspection Criteria
    Material Test Reports
    As-Built Isometric (CAD) Drawings showing Weld Number, Heat Number, and Piping Dimensions