Welcome to Sanitary Process Systems, Inc. — serving our customers since 1986.

Sanitary Process Systems, Inc. is a quality and technically oriented service company specializing in custom metal fabrication and piping in our shop and on the jobsite. We have been proudly serving the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries since 1986. SPS employees are dedicated, highly qualified personnel with a variety of experience including welding, pipefitting, sheet metal fabrication, rigging and millwright work.

The majority of our work involves stainless steel: process and utility piping, process skids, transfer panels, work platforms, hoppers and vessels. SPS welders are certified in manual and automatic orbital welding of 304, 316L and AXL-6XN alloy tubing and pipe for high purity process installation. We at SPS feel that purge welded and polished stainless steel demand an expertise not available in the general weld shop.